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Rear Window: A Killer Text Guide



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LSG's A Killer Text Guide collection is designed to help students bridge your writing with VCAA expectations. Infused with real advice you need to help you ace your SAC and exam, this ebook moves beyond simplistic explanations to insightful and practical teachings:

  • Learn how to brainstorm ANY essay topic and plan your essay so you answer the topic accurately (no more going off-topic!)

  • Includes sample A+ essays with EVERY essay annotated and broken down on HOW and WHY these essays achieved A+ so you reach your goals quicker

  • Learn advanced VCAA expectations like 'different interpretations by different readers' and, 'views and values' so you can be confident your knowledge is on par with the Victorian cohort

  • Written by Matt Femia, an LSG English tutor who studied Rear Window in Year 12 2018, and achieved a study score of 46 (top 2% of VCE English cohort)

This is a text-specific study guide that covers Rear Window.

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